It is what it is.

For years I hated that statement. I refused to live by that seemingly defeatist phrase. I thought, “No! I can change whatever needs to be changed in order to make my own path! Fix the issue and never give up!” Then, I became a mother. Our daughter, Abby, is a 9-year-old cutie pie who was … Continued

Totally Nuts!

Anyone out there feel like your life goes totally nuts during the holidays? Not like life isn’t crazy the other 11 months out of the year, but for some reason, December seems to amp up on the nuttiness factor. What with all the decorating and the cooking and the company and travel and parties and shopping for … Continued

This Guy

Ever been asked, “What’s your story?” I get asked that a lot lately. I feel my life has been a thousand different “stories,” and they all lead up to being a Fayette County, Georgia, resident and publisher of a magazine—because of this guy, my husband, Byron Pugh. We moved to Fayetteville six years ago and, aside … Continued