Scrumptious treats and stunning drinks. How one bakeshop is mastering the art of dessert and coffee.

In October, a very important spot opened up here in Fayette County. One that would give the many talented makers a place to showcase and sell their work. A comfortable dwelling for residents to enjoy homemade treats and carefully made drinks with family and friends.

Justin and Laura Gibson opened Heirloom Market Co. & Bakeshop in hopes that the community would shop small and eat local. Neighborhood artisan’s setup booths in one of the nooks and crannies of Heirloom, encouraging shoppers to wind through the expansive space, and leave with one-of-a-kind gifts.

Come hungry! Before shopping, you can enjoy the bakeshop and the many delights it has to offer. The bakery specializes in donuts, duffins and an assortment of cakes. Give the banana cake with caramel icing a try, it doesn’t get more southern than that. They also serve savory foods such as sandwiches, tacos, breakfast bowls and more.

Nearly everything is baked in house, with the exception of their gluten-free options which they outsource. Some treats have a special meaning or namesake. For example, if you see a purple donut, that is the “Purple Princess”, named after Justin and Laura’s 4yo niece who was diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer. The purple donut is a way to bring awareness to the disease and honor their niece.

To accompany one of the bakery treats, grab a beverage, such as the Mexican Hot Chocolate or Dulce De Leche. They’ve also created their own house blend coffee with locally sourced beans. Each week showcases a specialty drink, this can be anything from their homemade cold brew to a chai tea latte and a toffee caramel crunch.

Make sure you’ve got Instagram open and ready for a close up, because the latte art is gorgeous!