This Guy 1

Ever been asked, “What’s your story?”

I get asked that a lot lately. I feel my life has been a thousand different “stories,” and they all lead up to being a Fayette County, Georgia, resident and publisher of a magazine—because of this guy, my husband, Byron Pugh. We moved to Fayetteville six years ago and, aside from Byron not having his five-car garage, we could not be happier. We have a special needs daughter, Abby, who I know you will meet in the near future. She is the light of our lives—and the toughest thing we have ever been a part of. 

So many stories.

But we all have a story. And they are our stories. They are as unique and exclusive to us as our names. Our stories are special to us. So special, we write about them in diaries and on social media and in letters to those we care about.

As I welcome you to our magazine, Fayette County Lifestyle, my intention is to be a community storyteller. I want to know you, my neighbors, and hear your stories. I want words like “community,” “inclusion” and “neighbor” to mean more to us than ever before.

Welcome to Fayette County Lifestyle!


Jennifer Conforti, Publisher