Town Square Playhouse 6

Small-Town Plays with Big-Town Ways

Town Square Playhouse is one of Fayetteville’s hidden gems, tucked away just a few blocks from historic downtown. Make your way through the theater’s doors at showtime and perfume your senses with the sweet sound of music, dance and laughter.

Dana Lamb-Schaubroeck, Town Square Playhouse’s owner and dream-catcher, reminisced playing in her grandparents’ backyard and soaking in shows at neighborhood playhouses during her childhood days. Such cozy spaces were a natural part of the artistic landscape in Southwestern Connecticut where she grew up. A Christmas Carol to Liberace to musical theater were some of the many performances young Dana grew to love. She clearly remembered “the dream, the magic, the artistry” just mere feet in front of her. As such, actors and performers had an opportunity to engage in a real way with their audience. There, young Dana had imprinted a strong vision of duplicating this special magic with her Town Square Playhouse right here in Fayetteville.

In 2018, while coaching students around the area, the former Fayette County schoolteacher realized the need for a customized method of teaching. She envisioned a special place her students could call their own. Dana then founded Town Square Playhouse on March 1, 2019.

“We took over the lease, and April 12 was our first show, Madagascar Jr. It was a whirlwind to get ready!”

To budding actors and singers, she advises, “Learn to read music, and be authentic. Literacy is the foundation of it all!”

The playhouse’s 3,100 square feet of creative space has a seating capacity of 180 guests. It has a fixed stage in front of a flexible seating area that includes comfortable sofas and chairs. Choose a seat, sit back and feel as though you’re right at home in your living room. In its rightful place in the right-center of the playhouse sits the Chair of Honor. Fiercely patriotic and grateful, Dana created this special ornamental piece to honor and respect all those who gave/give their time and their lives to ensure the freedom of our great nation, A folded American flag rests on the seat of the special chair, and a yellow ribbon is tied around the back to honor those who are deployed from home.

Since it swung its doors open on day one, Town Square Playhouse has been a busy little operation. With the completion of its 14th musical performance, Dana and her team are ready to kick off the upcoming holiday variety show for adults. Deck the Decades promises to tantalize the senses with music, acting and comedy. Guests will witness an array of artists in action. These include a saxophonist, vocalists, a band and even Dana on keyboard. A comedian will also be part of the mix. This one-night-only event will be held on Saturday, Dec. 14, at 7:30 p.m. Guests will be able to munch on holiday cookies and sip hot chocolate, all available at the concession stand.

Offering opportunities to support quality education for all ages has been the playhouse owner’s way of giving back to the community she loves. The generosity list includes donating musical instruments, providing scholarships to children in need, participating in middle and high school productions, and being partners to individuals and groups who strive to make Fayette County a community that truly welcomes and celebrates the arts.

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